FuzionERP is a cloud based ERP application for retailers and other businesses. It’s the only comprehensive application that will take care of all your business management, operations and planning in professional and efficiant manner. We used years of large scale ERP design and implementation expertise to build this easy to use and highly intuitive application. We are sure this application will enable you to elevate your business to the next level.

FuzionERP is an integrated ERP system with features to support all your day to day operations and business management needs. It includes modules for Sales, Purchase, Expense, Inventory Management, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resource and Analytics. All these modules comes integrated within a single application. The application allows to have multiple users with different access to the system. This is the only 1 application that you would need to run your entire business.

FuzionERP is very scalable and supports business with few products to large enterprises with 1000s of products and multiple franchise. The modules and roles are enabled based on the package selected. All the different packages are available for any business to sign up. If your business needs any aditional feature, we can make customization as per your requirement.

FuzionERP comes with multiple packages, you can select appropriate plan for your business. For details about the packages, visit the "Plans" section.

Please visit the Request Demo page, will connect with you to schedule a demo Request Demo Now

Sure! you can change plans at any time that suits your needs. You can send us a request through the application on call our support desk for the same. Be ensured that no data will be lost when you upgrade your plan.

FuzionERP is very flexible and can be configured easily for most business needs. If your business needs any specialized feature, then we can create the same with an additional cost. Please contact our support desk.

Yes, FuzionERP is a multiple user, multiple location application which can be scaled to any level of franchise requirement. Our centralized solution will help you manage your franchises, improve productivity & significantly lower you operating costs.

This means that our service is web-based which allows you to safely access the application at anytime and anywhere you need it. You do not need to install any software or require any special computer or technical knowledge to operate the application. You always have the latest application with latest features without any changes on your side. No maintenance or backup is required as we take care of that on our server. Your data is never lost of corrupted. You can access the application from any device including desktop, laptop, tablet or even a mobile phone. All features are available in any device that you use to access the application.

FuzionERP is a cloud based application, so your data is always secure and backed up. Your data is never lost.

We host your data on highly scalable cloud computing platform at data center, which has extremely high levels of availability, reliability and security.

You don't have to reinvest in any new hardware. Our application will work with your existing device. The only thing we need is an active internet connection and Google Chrome browser.

Yes, we provide excel (CSV) templates which can be used to upload your existing products, customer and supplier data into the application. Once they are loaded, you can continue to create Sales / Purchase orders for them.

Yes, from Accounts menu you can create and maintain your customized Ledgers. The application automatically creates ledgers for new Customer, Suppliers, Employees and Tax types. Also many other required ledgers are pre-created in the application.

All kind of business transaction including Sales Order, Invoices, Receipts, Vouchers, Advices etc can be easily created and maintained within the application.

FuzionERP can generate all your daily reports like Sales Register, Purchase Register, Daybook, Cash book, Bank book, Accounts receivables & Accounts payables. It can also generate year end reports like Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet and many more. All reports are available under the "Reports" section

Our reporting template is very flexible and it allows you to create customized report by yourself and save it for your own use. We can guide you to do that or save the specialized report for your use. If our built in report are not sufficient, then we will be more than happy to create customized reports to meet your need.

Yes, FuzionERP support various taxation matters and calculations like GST, TDS etc.

Yes, it can compute all your taxation liabilities including GST and you can generate reports that can be directly submitted with government department.

You can download data from FuzionERP and upload the same to Tally

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