Creating Sales Order

Sales are the engine that drives any business. We have created process for streamling Sales Orders process based on various practical requirements for creating and recording sales for your business

* Sales Orders are created from the POS screen
* Sales can be assigned to existing customer or create a new customer
* Customer order and payment history available from the same page
* Products can be added by typing the name or scanning a barcode
* Price can be inclusive or exclusive of taxes
* Preconfigured discounts can be applied to a order
* Salesman credit for the sale
* Apply shipping and other charges to a sale

POS Page to Create Sales Order

Printed Invoices

Well formatted and pixel perfect invoices are your best marketing tool

* Customized layout for your invoice
* Printed on plain or preprinted paper
* Supports multiple language and dynamic numbers of orders
* Customer Membership Card or Prescription can also be printed

Printed Invoices

Order Tracking

Order status in single click. Provide customer service and SMS updates based on your order progress

* Customized worflow for your order tracking
* Track different steps in your Sales Process
* Track Sales by status, products and locations
* Create receipt, print invoice or send SMS reminder from the sales list page
Order Tracking

Sales Dashboard

Summarized view of your Sales Order

* Monthly and Yearly Sales Summary
* Search Sales Orders
* Multiple tasks for Sales and related actions
Sales Dashboard
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