How to Create Workflow

Work step is a task for an item.

Workflow is a combination of various work steps assigned in a sequence.

If your have tailoring business, then you can create following work steps -

- Cutting
- Stitching
- Trial
- Alteration
- Handwork
- Finishing
- Final Press
- Delivery

Create Or Edit Workflow

To create a workflow -

1. Go to Item Master > Workflow
2. Click on "+Workflow" button.
3. Enter the name of a workflow.
4. Select Sequence number and Step.
5. To add more steps, click “+Step” button.
6. Click on "Save".

To edit a workflow -

1. Click on "Save".
2. Click on pencil before the workflow name.
3. You can add or edit steps.
4. You can also change sequence of steps.
5. You can delete steps, too.
6. Click on "Save".

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