About US

Who are we

* FuzionERP is the flagship product of EnterpriseCube Inc
* We have worked on ERP applications for over 15 years
* FuzionERP is built on the latest Oracle Technology


* We wanted to create a simple, intutive and error free application where by common users can perform their tasks without ambiguity
* Most traditional ERP systems are complex and requires an exhaustive training and support
* Using our extensive experience in large scale ERP systems, we created this application with focus on business proceses
* All the technical aspects of an ERP are handled on the background without user intervention
* The application is highly integrated, which minimizes overlaps of data elements and provides a 360 view of your business
* We plan to add many more modules including Attendence, Payroll and CRM to extend the reach of the application

Our Mission

* To deliver Innovative and Value Driven Business Solutions to our customers
* To continuously improve on our skills and areas of expertise
* Empower our clients by bringing clarity of vision and peace of mind with our solutions

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