Product Groups and Products

Creating the correct allignment of Product Groups and Products goes a long way in simplifying your business operations. We have created simple but customizable group and products creation process

* Multi Level Product Groups creation
* Input and Output tax at Group level
* Custom fields for both product group and products to track specific details
* Process to import bulk products using provided CSV format
* Purchase and Sales ledger for product group created automatically

Product BarCode

Barcode for all products makes your sales and inventry tracking very easy.

* Each Product is assigned a unique id, or you can enter suppliers code
* Support for multiple types and formats of barcoding
* Prebuild BarCode templates for printing on A4 pages

Inventory Track

Processes to create Opening Stock and check Stock on Hand

* Opening Stock to carry over inventory across fiscal year or new accounts
* All sales and purchases updates the inventory accurately at all times
* Customized Adjustment types to track any inventory changes

Stock Check and Transfer

Perform periodic stock check

* Stock check allows to sync up inventory between system and physical
* Stock check performed by barcode scanners
* Positive and Negative adjustments recorded at end of each stock check
* Stock transfer process to move inventory between company locations and to/from warehouse
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