Accounting Ledgers

Ledgers are the core of any accounting system to track company performace. We have automated the process of ledger creation so there is no scope for any errors during operations.

* Basic Ledger Categories and Ledger are prebuilt into the system
* Automatic ledger creation for Customers, Product Groups, Suppliers, Employees, Tax Groups etc
* Ledger hierarchy provides a high level overview for your financial team
* All financial reports rolls up number to the ledger hierarchy

Customizable Tax Master

Create rates for both input and output taxes.

* Different tax types and tax components and tax basis available to select for setup
* Tax rates are available to be used for purchase and sales records
* Tax liability calculation based on the rates and tax components specified

Accounting Year

Process to enable active Accouting Year

* Fiscal year list with specific start and end dates
* Process to make any specific year as active
* Most of the financial reports are constrained within a specific fiscal year

Expenses and Journal Entry

Capture all expenses, funds transfer and journal entries

* Journal entry usage is minimized with automated accounting entries
* Journal entry has contraint to match the debid vs credit balances
* Expenses can be captured for any activity and with payment type
* Funds transfer or Contra allows to record changes for desposit and withdrawl of funds
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